‘The Hayride’

This blog is a place to park all of the playlists for “The Hayride’… a great hour of Radio….This program series highlights the Roots Music of the people of North America. Each program is one hour in length (59:30). All are available for stations to broadcast through Public Radio Exchange (www.prx.org) or you can contact me through the website at http://www.BigIslandRadio.com…  You can sample the programs by going to http://www.prx.org as well. This show has been on the air as a regular part of 7 station’s schedules since 2006.

‘The Hayride’ is a mix of Bluegrass, Deep Country, Folk, Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Mountain, Jug Band, Countrypolitan, and Old Time String Band tunes, along with the occasional excursion into Rockabilly and Alternative-Rodeo-Neo-Traditionalist-Outlaw-Cowpunk. The music speaks for itself…we don’t spend a lot of time talking about it or offering opinions about it  all…The music speaks for itself. ‘The Hayride’ is made for listening enjoyment.  Audiences already know what they like to hear…’The Hayride’ has been a regular feature on public radio since 2006.

“The Hayride With Dan Wargo” ran for years on public radio station, KHSU-FM, in Arcata, California. Today, it is currently broadcast on Yellowstone Public Radio at http://www.ypr.org where you can listen online in Mountain Time.

      You can also hear

‘The Hayride’ by tuning in to:

          KPVL-FM in Iowa,  KKRN-FM  in California, WETS-FM in Tennessee, KEOS-FM in Texas and KSQM-FM in Washington…also on KGLT-FM in Montana…
    If your Station would like to consider broadcasting “The Hayride with Dan Wargo,” shows are distributed through PRX
    ( Public Radio Exchange  at http://www.prx.org) or you can contact me directly for information about downloading this and other programs.
    danielwwargo2002@yahoo.com ……….Thanks!

2 comments on “‘The Hayride’

  1. Dan, really loved the Hayride heard on 1/17/15 from Billings. This was an exceptional bit of work. Thanks so much. Get in touch anytime you feel the need. Roger

    • Roger, Thanks for contacting me, and am glad that you like the Show. I have gone over them several times over the years to improve announcing and playlists. Thanks again for listening…I’ll be in touch.

      Good To Hear From You…Dan 1-19-15

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