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The Hayride Program 53

Artist l Song l Release l Label

Charlie Haden With Vince Gill l “Rambling Boy” l Rambling Boy l Decca

The Yonder Mountain String Band l “Good Hearted Woman” l Mountain Tracks, v.3 l Frog Pad Records

The Rolling Stones l “Factory Girl” l Beggar’s Banquet l London

Elana James l “All The World And I” l Elana James l Snarf Records

The Waybacks l “Saltflat Rhapsody” l Way Live l Fiddling Cricket

Greg Brown l “Slow Food” l Live From The Kate Wolf Music Festival, 1997-2003 l Red House

Lucinda Williams l “Crescent City” l Lucinda Williams l KOC

Lyle Lovett l “Cowboy Man” l Lyle Lovett l MCA

The Striped Pig String Band l “Sandy Boys” l The Striped Pig String Band l Striped Pig Music

Suzy Thompson l “How Can You Have The Blues” l Stop And Listen l Arhoolie

The Waybacks l “Been Around” l Devolver l Fiddling Cricket

John Fahey l “Sunflower River Blues” l Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Peter Lang l Takoma

Alison Krauss And Union Station l “Crazy Faith” l New Favorite l Rounder

Vince Gill l “No Easy Way” l These Days l MCA

Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenburg And Edgar Meyer l “Monkey Bay” l Skip, Hop And Wobble l Sugar Hill

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