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The Hayride Program 46

Artist l Song l Release l Label

Boots Woodall l “Rattle Snakin’ Daddy” l Stompin’ Singers And Western Swingers l Proper

Roy Newman And the Modern Mountaineers l “Loud Mouth” l Western Swing And Country Jazz l JSP

Milton Brown And His Musical Brownies l “High Geared Daddy” l Milton Brown And His Musical Brownies l Proper

Jimmy Bryant And The Sons Of The Saddle l “Holiday For Guitar” l Swingbillies l ACE

Lani McIntire l “La Camparsita” l Hula Blues l Grass Skirt

Hank Williams l “There’s No Room In My Heart For The Blues’ l Long Gone Lonesome Blues, v.5 l Polygram

The Crooked Jades l “Visits” l Going To The Races l Crooked Music

The Waybacks l “Last Steam Engine Train” l Way Live l Fiddling Cricket

The Orpheus Supertones l When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland l Mudthumper

The Yonder Mountain String Band l “The Blacksmith” l The Yonder Mountain String Band l Vanguard

Lucinda Williams l “Am I Too Blue” l Lucinda Williams l KOC

Greg Brown l “Loneliness House” l Slant 6 Mind l Red House

Uncle Earl l “Sugar Babe” l She Waits For Night l Rounder

Peter Ostroushko l “Heart Of The Heartland” l Heart Of The Heartland l Red House

Slaid Cleaves l “Stepstone” l Ribbon Of Highway Endless Skyway : Tribute To Woody Guthrie l Music Road

Patty Loveless l “Soul Of Constant Sorrow” l Mountain Soul l BMG

Ry Cooder And Manuel Galban l “La Luna En Tu Mirada” l Mambo SInuendo l Nonesuch

Ron Stewart l “Sourwood Mountain” l Team Flathead : The Huber Banjo Sessions, v.1 l Huber

Website : http://www.BigIslandRadio.com


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