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The Hayride Program 28

Artist l Song l Release l Label

The Del McCoury Band With Steve Earl l “Texas Eagle” l The Mountain l E-Squared

Ricky Scaggs l “Sally Goodin” l Rounder Fiddle l Rounder

The Orpheus Supertones l “Big Bend Gals” l When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland” l Mudthumper

Uncle Earl l “There Is A Time” l She Waits For Night l Rounder

Jethro Burns l “Mama Was A Truck Driving Man” l Jethro Burns l Vivid Sound

Los Indios Tabajares l “Vals Crillo” l Los Indios Tabajares,1963 l RCA

The Buffalo Springfield l “Kind Woman” l Anthology l Elektra

The Mando Boys l “Ester Iris” l Live : Holstein Lust l Borderland

The Band l “Jawbone” l The Band l Capitol

The Waybacks l “Likkus Interruptus” l Devolver l Fiddling Cricket

The Wilders l “Goat Creek” l Throwdown l Free Dirt

Patty Loveless l “Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You” l The Definitive Collection l MCA

Rodney Crowell l “The Last Waltz” l Diamonds And Dirt l Columbia

Hank Williams l “I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind” l The Ultimate Collection,v.2 l Bear Familly

The Village Boys And Floyd Tillman l “I’ll Come Back To You” / “They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven” l I Love You So Much It Hurts l MCA

Gillian Welch l “Wayside Back In Time” l Soul Journey l Acony Records

Benton Flippen l “Kansas City Railroad Blues” l Old Time, New Times l Rounder

Dan Crary l “Memories Of Mozart” l Guitar l Sugar Hill

website : http://www.BigIslandRadio.com


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