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The Hayride Program 182

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.The Downhill Bluegrass Band l “Long Lonesome Road” l Grass Of Thor l Holmen Music, 1010

2.The Lonesome River Band l “Sitting On Top Of The World” l Carrying The Tradition l Rebel Records, 2005

3.Junior Sisk And Rambler’s Choice l “Leaving Baker County” l Blue Side Of The Blue Ridge l Rebel Records, 2008

4.Blue Highway l “Monrobo” l Still Climbing Mountains l Rounder, 2001

5.Rhonda Vincent l “Cry Of The Whippoorwill” l The Storm Still Rages l Rounder, 2001

6.The Lonesome River Band l “Love’s Come Over Me” l Finding The Way l Sugar Hill, 2006

7.Old School Freight Train l “Lookee Here” l Run l Acoustic Disc, 2005

8.The Tune Stranglers l “Sallie Mae” l The Tune Stranglers l Stranglyn Engine, 2008

9.Jon Rauhouse l “Girls Of Pajama Hill” l Jon Rauhouse’s Steel Guitar Heart Attack l Bloodshot Records, 2007

10.Head For The Hills l “Unchain My Heart” l Head For The Hills l headforthehills, 2010

11.Michael Cleveland And Flame Keeper l “Rather Be Six Feet Under The Ground” l Life Goes On: Musicians Against Childhood Cancer

l Rural Rhythm Records, 2012

12.Blue Highway l “Message From The Wind” l Marbletown l Rounder, 2005

13.The Swanson Family l “It’s Raining The Blues” l Just Down The Road l The Swanson Family, 2007

14.The Foghorn Stringband l “Sweeter Than The Flowers” l Outshine The Sun l Foghorn Stringband, 2012

15.Jackstraw l “Sunny Brae” l Sunday Never Comes l Jackstaw, 2011

16.Ivan Rosenberg And The Foggy Hogtown Boys l “Low And Lonesome Sea” l The Hogtown Sessions l Vole-O-Tone Records, 2012

17.Mike Seeger And Paul Brown l “The Rout” l Mike Seeger And Paul Brown l Rounder, 1996

18.Laurie Lewis l “I Don’t Care Anymore” l Skippin’ And Flyin’ l Spruce And Maple, 2011

19.The Fuzzy Mountain Band l “Barlow Knife” l The Fuzzy Mountain Band l Rounder, 1995

20.The Downhill Bluegrass Band l “Grasshopper’s Lament” l A Grasshopper’s Lament l Limestone House Records, 2011



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