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The Hayride Program 180

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.Pert’ Near Sandstone l “Reuben’s Train” l Paradise Hop l pertnearmusic, 2011

2.The Evil City String Band l “Down On My Knees” l The Evil City String Band l theevilcitystringband, 2008

3.The Water Tower String Band l “Worried Man Blues” l The Squid And The Fiddle” l watertowerstringband, 2008

4.The Boiled Buzzards l “Milwaukee Blues” l Salt And Grease l Buzzard Productions, 1990

5.The Humdingers l “Tumblin’ Gap/Indian Ate A Woodchuck” l The Humdingers l Chubby Dragon Productions, 2005

6.The Macrae Sisters l “Greenback Dollar” l Old Sledge l Yodel-Ay-Hee, 2008

7.The Buck Mountain Band l “Ozark Waltz” l Moon Behind The Hills l Bent Trees, 2006

8.Big Medicine l “Wild Bill Jones” l Too Old To Be Controlled l Yodel-Ay-Hee, 2002

9.June Drucker l “Cherokee Shuffle” l Tumble And Leap l Tin Halo, 2003

10.Huckleberry Flint l “On And On” l A Brief And True Report Concerning Huckleberry Flint l huckleberryflint, 2005

11.Town Mountain l “Midnight Road” l Steady Operator l Pinecastle, 2011

12.Jim Ibbotson l “Santa Rosa” l Warehouse Tracks l Western Jubilee, 2007

13.The Old Joe Clarks l “First Cousins” l Town Of Ten l Trocadero, 2003

14.The Prairie Acre l “Sail Away Ladies” l Jaybird And The Sparrow Hawk l theprairieacre, 2007

15.The Thrift Store Cowboys l “City Sure Looks Pretty” l Nowhere With You l thethriftstorecowboys, 2001

16.The Old 78’s l “Captain George, Has Your Money Come?” l Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic And Minstrel Banjo l theold78’s, 2008



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