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The Hayride Program 179

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.The Foghorn Stringband l “Going Home” l Outshine The Sun l foghornstringband, 2012

2.Old School Freight Train l “Henry Brown ” l Run l Acoustic Disc, 2005

3.Head For The Hills l “Big Mon/Fire On The Mountain” l Live l Headforthehills, 2012

4.The Downhill Bluegrass Band l “Home In The Mountains” l Grass Of Thor l Holmen Music, 2010

5.The Lonesome River Band l “If I Could Only Have Your Love” l Looking For Yourself l Rebel Records, 2005

6.The Swanson Family l “Have I Left Your Mind” l Two In The Morning l The Swanson Family, 2007

7.Donna The Buffalo l “Riddle Of The Universe” l Positive Friction l Sugar Hill, 2006

8.Red Ferrell, William Hotwire Smith, Clarence Jackson, Fiddlin’ Mutt Posten And J.Q. Spell l “Hilo March” l Country Swingin’ And Slide Guitar Pickin’ l Rural Rhythm Records, 2003

9.Blue Highway l “It Wasn’t You” l Blue Highway l Skaggs Family Records, 1999

10.Rhonda Vincent l “Passing Of The Train” l Back Home Again l Rounder, 2000

11.Joel Rafael l “Rivers And Rain” l Thirteen Stories High l Inside Recordings, 2008

12.Kitty Wells l “I Can’t Stop Loving You” l Platinum Masters l Rolled Gold Classics, 2012

13.The Little Country Giants l “Last Lonely Goodbye” l The Little Country Giants l littlecountrygiants, 2005

14.Jon Rauhouse And Friends l “January 5th” l Songs From The Stratton Sessions l Local 638 Records, 2012

15.Elizabeth Mitchell l “Freight Train” l You Are My Flower l Little Bird Records, 1999

16.Peter Paul And Mary l “Polly Von” l In The Wind l Warner Brothers, 1963

17.The Wilders l “Old Leather Bonnet With A Hole In The Crown” l Spring A Leak l Free Dirt Records, 2007

18. Pine Mountain Railroad l “Traveling The Highway Home” l The Old Radio l CMH, 2003

19.Rhonda Vincent l “Ashes Of Mt. Augustine” l All American Bluegrass Girl l Rounder, 2006



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