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The Hayride Program 176

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band l “Cadillac In Model  ‘A’ ” l Crazy Man Crazy l Joaquin Records, 1999

2.Carl Smith l “Go Boy Go” l Western Swing, V.1 l Day Records, 2010

3.Jimmie Rivers And The Cherokees l “Swedish Pastry” l Brisbane Bop l Joaquin Records, 1995

4.Pee Wee King l “Crooked Dice” l Country Swing Billies l Day Records, 2010

5.Gene Autry l “Rheumatism Blues” l Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid l Goldenline Records, 2009

6.Speedy West And Jimmy Bryant l “Flippin’ The Lid” l Speedy West And Jimmy Bryant l Steel Guitar, 2011

7.Patsy Cline l “Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round” l Crazy Dreams: The Four Star Years l One Media, 2007

8.Cecil Campbell’s Tennessee Ramblers l “Spookie Boogie Woogie” l Hillbilly Classics l Goldenline Records, 2008

9.The Farr Brothers l “Alabamy Stomp” l Texas Crapshooter l JEMF, 1978

10.Kitty Wells l “Right Or Wrong” l Platinum Masters l Rolled Gold Classics, 2012

11.Red Ferrell, William Hotwire Smith, Clarence Jackson, Fiddlin’ Mutt Posten And J.Q. Spell l “Steel Guitar Stomp” l Country Swingin’ And Slide Guitar Pickin’ l Rural Rhythm, 2003

12.Robbie Fulks l “We’ll Burn Together” l Country Love Songs l Bloodshot Records, 1996

13.Jeff Bright And The Sunshine Boys l “Trouble, Trouble, Trouble” l She’s A Nail In My Heart l Rogue Records, 1999

14.The Old 78’s l “Plowboy Hop” l Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic And Minstrel Banjo l Theold78’s, 2008

15.The Jim Kweskin Jug Band l “Christopher Columbus” l See Revers Side For Title l Vanguard, 1967

16.The Jake Leg Stompers l “Sitting On Top Of The World” l Guaranteed Absolutely Pure l Hoo Doo Records, 2006

17.The Humdingers l “Stagalee” l The Humdingers l Chubby Dragon Productions, 2005

18.The Deseret String Band-Bunkhouse Orchestra l “The Boaster” l The Round Up l Okeeodkee Records, 1999

19.Greg Brown l “Four Wet Pigs” l Iowa Waltz l Red House Records, 1981

20.The Down Homers l “Nothin’ Clickin’ Chicken” l Country And Western Classics l House Of The Six Stars, 2011

21.Jimmy Bryant l “Railroadin’ ” l Western Swing Billies, V.3 l Day Records, 2010



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