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The Hayride Program 170

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.Jeff Bright And The Sunshine Boys l “Long Black Ribbon” l She’s A Nail In My Coffin l Rogue Records,1999

2.Wayne Hancock l “Highway Bound” l The South Austin Sessions l WH Music, 2001

3.Dylan Thomas Vance And Griff Bear l “9 LB Hammer” l Live At Biddy McGraw’s l Triple M, 2005

4.Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band l “Cadillac In Model ‘A’ ” l Crazy Man Crazy l Joaquin Records, 1999

5.Cathy Fink l “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” l Doggone My Time l Community Music, 1984

6.Sally Spring l “I Still Miss Someone” l Made Of Stars l Sniffinpup Records, 2010

7.Bryan Bowers l”Dog” l Warehouse Tracks l Western Jubilee, 2007

8.The Prairie Acre l “Big Sciota” l Jaybird And The Sparrow Hawk l theprairieacre, 2007

9.Steve Earle l “CCKMP” l I Feel Alright l Warner Brothers, 1996

10.Peter Paul And Mary l “The Last Thing On My Mind” l See What Tomorrow Brings l Warner Brothers, 1965

11.Susie Goehring And Rayna Gellert l “Fish Upon The Hook” l Starch And Iron l CDBY, 2008

12.Ivan Rosenberg And The Foggy Hogtown Boys l “New York Train” l The Hogtown Sessions l Vole-O-Tone Records, 2012

13.Peter Ostroushko l “Horizontal Hold” l Blue Mesa l Red House Records, 1992

14.Laurie Lewis l “Dreams” l Skippin’ And Flyin’ l Spruce And Maple, 2011

15.Cahalen Morrison And Eli West l “My Lover Adored” l The Holy Coming Of The Storm l CM&EI, 2010



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