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The Hayride Program 166

Artist l Song l Release l Label

1.Doc Watson l “Stone’s Rag” l Riding The Midnight Train l Sugar Hill, 2005

2.Doc Watson l “The Riddle Song” l Songs For Little Pickers l Alcazam!, 2000

3.Bob Taylor l “After The Gold Rush” l Sounds Of Woods And Steel II l BMG, 1999

4.Tony Rice l “House Carpenter” l Church Street Blues l Sugar Hill, 1993

5.Josh Graves l “Maiden’s Prayer” l Memories Of Foggy Mountain l OMS Records, 2002

6.The Inheritance Bluegrass Band l “Homeplace Memories” l The Inheritance Bluegrass Band With Dan Tyminski l Sound Stop, 2003

7.The Nashville Bluegrass Band l “Fiddlin’ Bill” l American Beauty l Sugar Hill, 1998

8.Peter Rowan And The Nashville Bluegrass Band l “Dog Remembers Bacon” l Unleashed l Sugar Hill, 2006

9.High Country l “A Hundred Love Letters” l Earthquake Bluegrass From California l Strictly Country, 1997

10.Kathy Kallick l “I Will Never Marry” l My Mother’s Voice l Copper Creek, 2003

11.The Falling Run Bluegrass Band l “Pike County Breakdown” l New River Train l Ray Hicks, 2000

12.John Hiatt l “All The Way Under” l Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns l New West Records, 2011

13.The Drive By Truckers l “Mercy Buckets” l Go Go Boots l ATO, 2011

14.Old Jawbone l “Angels Singing” l Old Jawbone l Jackalope Records, 2009

15.Patty Loveless l “Sorrowful Angels” l Mountain Soul l BMG< 2001

16.Vince Gill l “Take Your Memory With You” l Pocket Full Of Gold l MCA, 1995

17.Eliza Glikyson l “Highway 9” l Land Of Milk And Honey l Red House Records, 2003

18.Doc Watson l “June Apple” l Good Deal l Vanguard, 1996



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