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The Hayride Program 149

Artist l Song l Release l Label

John McCutcheon l “If I Were A Featherbed” l Wind That Shakes The Barley l Rounder, 1977

Pharis And Jason Romero l “A Passing Glimpse” l A Passing Glimpse l Lula Records, 2011

The Haints l “Old Christmas Morning” l Shout Monah l http://www.thehaints.com, 2009

John Hartford, Tony Rice And Vassar Clements l “Sweet Sunny South” l Bound To Ride l Small Dog A-Barkin’, 2011

Doc Watson l “Lost John” l Trouble In Mind l Sugar Hill, 2003

Rayna Gellert l “Julianne Johnson” l Ways Of The World l Rayna Gellert, 2008

The Lost Bayou Ramblers l “Walker Special” l Vermilionaire l Bayou Perdue Records, 2008

The Racines l “Whiskey C’Est Mon Ami” l The Racines l Allons Boire Un Coup l Valcour, 2007

Beausoleil l “Le Reel De Nez Pique” l Cajun Conja l Rhino, 1991

Tony Rice l “One More Night” l Church Street Blues l Sugar Hill, 1993

Josh Graves l “House Of Scruggs” l King Of The Dobro l CMH, 2008

Peter Rowan And The Nashville Bluegrass Band l “One Way” l New Moon Rising l Sugar Hill, 2006

Sammy Lind With Pharis And Jason Romero l “Ladies On The Steamboat” l Back Up And Push l Lula Records, 2010

The Critton Hollow String Band l “Done Gone” l The Dulcimer Collection l CDBY, 2005

The Doerfels l “Worrisome Heart” l What I’m Looking For l Patuxent Music, 2009

Don Reno With  Bill Harrell And The Tennessee Cut Ups l “Long Journey Home” l Appalachian Mountain Bluegrass l Rural Rhythm, 2007

Almeda Riddle l “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” l I Saw The Light l Dimedi S.A., 2008

Smiley Hobbs l “Train” l Classic Bluegrass l Smithsonian, 2002

The Lost Bayou Ramblers l “Freight Train Blues” l Vermilionaire l Bayou Perdue Records

Adrian Legg l “Train” l Slow Guitar l AdrianLegg.com, 2011

Website: http://www.BigIslandRadio.com


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