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The Hayride Program 135

Artist l Song l Release l Label

Merle Travis l “I Am A Pilgrim” l The Best Of Merle Travis l Rhino, 1990

The Dry Branch Fire Squad l “When Heaven Comes Down” l Memories That Bless And Burn l Rounder, 1999

Dan Crary l “Gold Rush” l Bluegrass Guitar l Sugar Hill, 1970

Calico Moon l “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” l When Love Comes Around l Two Chairs, 2011

Pharis And Jason Romero l “Hillbilly Blues” l A Passing Glimpse l Lula Records, 2011

Bobby Casey l “The Dear Irish Boy” l Taking Flight l Mulligan, 1979

Mike Seeger With Jean Ritchie l “Deep Shady Grove” l The Third Annual Farewell Reunion l Rounder, 1994

Rayna Gellert l “Great Big Taters In The Sandy Land” l Ways Of The World l Rayna Gellert, 2008

Jimmy Gaudreau And Sammy Shelor l “Home Of The Soul” l In Good Company l CMH, 2008

The Nashville Bluegrass Band l “Waitin’ For The Hard Times To Go” l Waitin’ For The Hard Times To Go l Sugar Hill, 1993

Peter Paul And Mary l “Freight Train” l In The Wind l Warner Brothers, 1963

Fred Neil l “The Other Side Of This Life” l The Many Sides Of Fred Neil l Collector’s Choice, 1999

The Sweetback Sisters l “Don’t Cry To Me” l Chicken Ain’t Chicken l Signature Sounds, 2009

Wayne Hancock l “Lonesome Highway” l The Best Of Wayne Hancock l ARK21, 2008

Doc Watson l “Stackolee” l Trouble In Mind l Sugar Hill, 2003

Jack Caldwell l “Day Done Broke Too Soon This Morning” l Hillbilly Classics l Goldenline Records

Tatiana Hargraves With Pharis And Jason Romero l “Old Granny Blair” l Back Up And Push l Lula Records, 2010

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